How To Use A Rivet Gun


There are usually three types of rivet gun widely used today.Air operated & electically operated guns are more common in an industrial environment,but I will explain how to use a rivet gun  for the home workers & DIY enthusiasts as this is the most popular.


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 How To Use A Rivet Gun


A manual rivet gun usually has various sized tip attachments located on the gun to fit the type of rivet your using.Unlock thepop rivet gun & hold it in the open position,the rivet should fit snugly into the attachment without force & shouldn’t be loose,ensure the long shank of the rivet is placed into theattacment & push it in until it reaches the collar on the rivet.


A hole can be drilled through the two metal surfaces your planning on poprivets3 How To Use A Rivet Gunriveting together,making sure the hole is the same diameter as the the shank of the rivet.Using the rivet gun,place the shank of the rivet through the hole in the two surfaces & now firmly squeeze the two handles of the  rivet gun together.As your pushing the handles together,this will force the shank of the rivet down through the two surfaces & into the collar on the back edge,this in turn will expand the collar making it tighten onto the surfaces.As it becomes tight the gun will automatically “pop” the rivet off,leaving you with a nice neat & very strong finish.This is a  handy tool to keep either in your garden shed or in a garage workshop.





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