Cleaning  Wood Floors


Before attempting to clean any wood floor, it is advisable to find out what kind of finish the floor has on it as using the wrong cleaning solution to the wrong type of finish can actually make the problem worse.A quick tip to check if the floor is finished(maybe a polished effect similar to a coffe table etc.) or unfinished(similar to a shed floor etc.) is to put a drop of water on the surface,if it remains as a bead,it has a finish on it,but if it soaks in it is untreated.

Ok,now that you have determined the finish on the surface ,you can proceed with cleaning wood floors.You only need a few things:

Washing up liquid
A Bucket
A Micro Fibre Mop & Cloth

Add a capful of vinegar (vinegar is a great disinfectant & will help remove grease etc….I will explain some great uses for vinegar in later posts) & a few small drops of the washing up liquid to a bucketful of hot water.Soak the mop head in the bucket for a few moments to soften & then mix the¬† the vinegar & washing up liquid around with the water.Squeeze the mop until it is almost dry as you don’t want puddles of water lying on the surface of your wood floor.Starting in one corner of the room,move the mop from side to side creating a “S” pattern as you go,remembering to regularly clean the mop along the way.All that’s left to do now is quickly go back over the cleaned area with a dry micro fibre cloth,wiping gently to remove any water or streaks that may be left behind.



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